Holistic Soul Healing

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Holistic Therapist in Worthing, Sussex

My name is Victoria, and I am the leading practitioner in People’s Holistic Interventions. My service is unique because, I have a nursing, Spiritual, Angelic and life coaching Diploma. This enables me to work completely holistically and truly treat the persons mind, body and soul. My skills are versatile enough to work one to one or in a group / workshop environment. I have been on my own spiritual path of discovery since 1995, and what I have learnt is that with some simple techniques and some-one to listen, you have the opportunity to evolve and understand your own path. Every-one has a story contact me and discover yours. Even if you played super mario whole life and do nothing else we are glad to help you.

Please feel free to contact me and discuss any concerns that you feel I can help you with. I work in a confidential and non-judgemental manner with a totally open mind and heart.

Victoria x